Netflix New Releases this Month : June 2024

Here’s your monthly recap of everything Netflix New Releases this Month (June 2024) in the US. We’ll go over every licensed new film and television show below, along with the newest Netflix Originals that will be available in June 2024.

If you want to see the full schedule of new films, TV shows, and  Netflix New Releases this month in May 2024, we’ve got you covered. We will not provide a list of departures here owing to its length, but you can discover all notable departures for June 2024 here.

Too Old for Fairy Tales 2

After his mother’s new partner moves in, Waldek goes on a perilous expedition through the Tatra Mountains to find his father, whom he has never met. During World War I, two British troops attempt to penetrate enemy lines and deliver a message that could save hundreds of lives, including one’s own brother.

Netflix New Releases this Month
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A Million Ways to Die in the West

After backing out of a battle and being abandoned by his lover, sheep farmer Albert gradually regains his self-esteem with the support of a married woman.


This gripping documentary follows Muhammad Ali’s ascent to become boxing’s best and most controversial fighter, as he fights larger battles outside of the arena.

Baby Boy

With two children and no employment, Jody struggles to manage his growing duties, and his mother and her new man want him out of the house.

Netflix New Releases this Month
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Big Fat Liar

Jason and Kaylee, junior high students, take action after a greedy Hollywood producer turns Jason’s essay into a popular film without crediting him.

The Breakfast Club

During a Saturday detention, the athlete, the brain, the bully, the princess, and the loner break down high school’s social barriers.

The Conjuring

After relocating into a Rhode Island farmhouse, a family experiences ghostly happenings and seeks assistance from a couple of renowned paranormal investigators.

Netflix New Releases this Month
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The Conjuring 2

After her daughter unintentionally unleashes a malicious ghost in their London home, a woman seeks the Warrens’ assistance to face the evil presence.

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

Two paranormal investigators risk their lives to establish the existence of demonic powers and clear a young man accused of murder.

The Devil’s Own

Tom O’Meara, a New York officer, and his family accept a young Irishman into their house, unaware that he is on the run—and on a mission to avenge his father.


In a fragmented, war-torn world, Tris discovers her unique skills and joins up with Four to foil a dark scheme targeting people like them.

The Divergent Series: Insurgent

While the factions fight, Jeanine searches furiously for Tris and her Divergent abilities, which alone can unlock a hidden relic.

Netflix New Releases this Month
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After being released from jail, trans sex worker Sin-Dee and her buddy Alexandra take to the streets of Los Angeles to exact revenge on her fickle partner.

Strawberry Shortcake’s Summer Vacation

Strawberry Shortcake and her big city friends spend their summer vacation looking for buried treasure to save her family’s farm from a greedy businessman.


A seasoned cop is charged with forming and training a special weapons and tactics unit, who shortly face an international criminal.

Netflix New Releases this Month
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Pokémon Detective Pikachu

In a world where humans and Pokémon live, an electrifying supersleuth works with his missing partner’s kid to solve the mystery of his disappearance.


On a harsh desert planet that produces a galactic empire’s most important resource, a noble family’s young heir must prove himself in the face of rising treachery.


Amy, a spunky girl, is still mourning from her mother’s unexpected death when she and her grandfather are threatened with losing their horse ranch.


When misfit extraterrestrial Oh accidentally sends a party invitation to the entire galaxy, he flees to avoid punishment and befriends feisty human girl Tip.

Kicking & Screaming

A mild-mannered family guy takes over as coach of his little son’s ramshackle soccer club in a league controlled by his overly competitive father.

La La Land

In modern-day Los Angeles, two artists face a sad predicament when their career goals clash with their bittersweet romance.

Land of the Lost

A scientist and his two companions become stranded in a hazardous primordial dimension and seek a way back home. Based on the 1970s television series.

The Lego Movie

After being mistaken for the LEGO MasterBuilder, average mini-guy Emmet is drawn into an urgent quest to foil Lord Business’s wicked intentions.

Little Baby Bum: Music Time

Come join the excitement at the magical Music Time preschool, where every day is an adventure full of kid-friendly music and plenty of learning!

Netflix New Releases this Month
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Netflix New Releases June 2024

Jo Koy: Live from Brooklyn

In this unedited stand-up special, comic Jo Koy discusses energy vampires, mumble rap, emoji flirting, and the surprise of being labeled a zaddy.

Netflix New Releases this Month
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The Price of Nonna’s Inheritance

When a grandma falls for a cheeky suitor with questionable motives, her family devises a covert strategy to save her life — and their inheritance.

Hitler and the Nazis: Evil on Trial

This fascinating documentary looks at Adolf Hitler and the Nazis’ rise, reign, and reckoning before World War II, as well as the Holocaust and the Nuremberg Trials.

How to Rob a Bank

In this true-crime documentary, a charismatic rebel in 1990s Seattle commits an extraordinary series of bank robberies right out of a movie. Enjoy How to Rob a Bank Trailer Now

Netflix New Releases this Month
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Under Paris

When a big shark rises in the Seine, a bereaved scientist must confront her painful past in order to save Paris from an international massacre.

Baki Hanma VS Kengan Ashura

It is the ultimate showdown. The fiercest combatants from “Baki Hanma” and “Kengan Ashura” face off in this unusual, hard-hitting martial arts crossover.

Netflix New Releases this Month
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A young Saudi woman studying abroad returns to Jeddah and discovers that her family has been hiding her from terrible truths.

Crazy Rich Asians

When Rachel Chu travels to Singapore with her lover, she learns his family’s opulent affluence and encounters his disapproving mother.

Kübra: Season 2

When a suburban guy receives messages that appear to predict the future, he gains a following—and strong foes.

Nelma Kodama: The Queen of Dirty Money

Out of prison, famed black-market currency dealer Nelma Kodama reveals her involvement in a big Brazilian corruption incident.

Rafa Márquez: El Capitán

The Mexican defender recounts successes and defeats in football and beyond, providing an intimate glimpse into his goals, detours, and tenacity.

Netflix New Releases this Month
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Sweet Tooth

In this last chapter, Gus and his pals embark on a perilous journey in the hopes of treating the Sick — and ultimately learning the truth about hybrids.


At Jooshin High School, the top 0.01% of students keep the peace, but a mysterious transfer student threatens their unbreakable world.

Hit Man

When a mild-mannered professor falls for a potential client while moonlighting as a phony hitman in police stings, he sets off a chain reaction of trouble.

Perfect Match: Season 2

Netflix reality show alumni seek long-term love and put their connections to the test in a dating competition, but only one couple will be dubbed the perfect match.

Netflix New Releases this Month
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Keith Robinson: Different Strokes

In this hilarious stand-up special, respected comic Keith Robinson gets honest about everything from trying to order Popeyes after a stroke to taking Viagra on a flight.

Tour de France: Unchained (Season 2)

This gripping documentary follows six professional cycling teams as they fight in the world’s most difficult cycle race, through tears and triumphs.

Netflix New Releases June 2024
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King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch (Season 2)

Ken Goldin and his clever staff direct the dramatic action in this series set within a major auction house specializing in rare collectibles.

Mysteries of the Terracotta Warriors

Thousands of terracotta warriors guarded the tomb of China’s first emperor. This is their narrative, told with archaeological data and reenactments.

My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman (Season 2)

David Letterman, a late-night television star, delivers an intimate talk show featuring deep chats and entertaining excursions with noteworthy personalities.

Bridgerton: Season 3, Part 2

As a new crop of debutantes strives to be the brightest at the ball, a wallflower with a double life discovers her light among secrets and shocks.

Doctor Climax

In 1970s Thailand, a dermatologist unexpectedly sparks a public sexual awakening after becoming Doctor Climax, a taboo-breaking newspaper writer.

Netflix New Releases June 2024
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Joko Anwar’s Nightmares and Daydreams

Joko Anwar’s collection of seven mind-bending stories depicts strange sci-fi occurrences.

Ultraman: Rising

A star athlete reluctantly returns home to take over his father’s duties as Ultraman, shielding Tokyo from giant monsters as he becomes a legendary hero.

Netflix New Releases June 2024
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In the 1950s, a glamorous married woman and an ambitious photographer begin a passionate, forbidden romance that will permanently alter their lives.

Netflix New Releases June 2024
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Agents of Mystery

Six “agents of mystery” with exceptional chemistry investigate unusual situations that cannot be explained scientifically in inventive and novel ways.

Fifty Shades of Grey

Christian Grey, a business billionaire, pursues wide-eyed college student Anastasia Steele and introduces her to his unique brand of passionate erotic cravings.

Outstanding: A Comedy Revolution

This amusing and heartwarming documentary explores the history of LGBTQ+ stand-up comedy via personal experiences from an all-star cast of performers.

Netflix New Releases June 2024
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Black Barbie

Discover the secret story of the first Black Barbie and the vital role three trailblazing women at Mattel played in designing a doll that resembled them.

Netflix New Releases June 2024
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Dexter: Season 1-8

Dexter, a mild-mannered cop, works as a blood spatter analyzer for the Miami Police Department. But at night, he is a serial killer who solely hunts other murders.


When their wealthy uncle dies, his mansion of complicated puzzles serves as the backdrop for his estranged family’s quest to inherit a share of his fortune.

Kleks Academy

To recover her missing father, a seemingly ordinary girl accepts an invitation to a magical academy led by an eccentric teacher named Mr. Kleks.

Love Is Blind: Brazil (Season 4)

The dating experiment has arrived in Brazil, as local singles seek true love and become engaged without ever meeting the other person in person.

The Lego Batman Movie

When a slew of legendary villains wreak havoc on Gotham City, loner hero Batman must learn to work together to rescue the day.

Netflix New Releases June 2024
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AMERICA’S SWEETHEARTS: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

Follow the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders from auditions to training camp and the NFL season as they strive for a coveted spot on the team.

The Accidental Twins

In this intriguing documentary, two pairs of identical twins who were exchanged at birth in Colombia examine their complicated background and new identities.

Kota Factory (Season 3)

In a place famed for training India’s best collegiate wits, an earnest but average student and his buddies negotiate school life.

Gangs of Galicia

When her father’s murder reveals a secret double life, a lawyer seeks vengeance by infiltrating a Galician drug gang and getting close to its boss.

Trigger Warning

When a Special Forces commando returns to her hometown to investigate the death of her loving father, she discovers a sinister conspiracy.

Netflix New Releases June 2024
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The Victims’ Game (Season 2)

After discovering his estranged daughter’s link to mysterious murders, a forensic detective with autism risks everything to solve the case.

Rising Impact

When a pro player unintentionally discovers a third-grader’s innate talent for golf, the boy sets out on a journey to become the world’s finest golfer.

Little Angel (Volume 5)

Sing along with Baby John and his family to classic nursery rhymes and catchy new songs that help preschoolers learn all about the world.

Kaulitz & Kaulitz

Tom and Bill Kaulitz, twin brothers and superstars, open up about their private lives in Los Angeles and Germany in this amusing and touching reality series.

Worst Roommate Ever (Season 2)

Violent con artists. Stone-cold killers. These terrifying true stories unveil some of the worst cohabitation experiences one could ever imagine.

Drawing Closer

In this amusing and intimate reality series, twin brothers and superstars Tom and Bill Kaulitz reveal details about their private lives in Los Angeles and Germany.

That ’90s Show (Part 2)

Kitty and Red Forman welcome a new generation of teens into their basement when their granddaughter Leia decides to spend the summer in Wisconsin.

Unicorn Academy (Chapter 2)

When a sinister power threatens to destroy Unicorn Island, a brave teen and her five classmates must band together to save their beloved magical academy.

Netflix New Releases June 2024
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A Family Affair

What could be worse than being the assistant to a high-maintenance movie star who does not take you seriously? Learning that he is hooking up with your mother.

The Mole

In this relaunch of the cult classic series, twelve participants accomplish challenges while attempting to uncover who is sabotaging their missions.

Òlòtūré: The Journey

Working undercover as a sex worker in Nigeria, a young journalist determined to expose corruption risks her life as she makes her way to Europe.

Owning Manhattan

Real estate magnate Ryan Serhant runs one of New York’s largest firms, pushing his agents to excellence while taking on the most expensive listings.

Netflix New Releases June 2024
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Savage Beauty (Season 2)

Seeking vengeance for her terrible past, a mysterious woman joins a strong family with a global beauty empire—and deadly secrets.

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