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Earth sucks, so God (Tom Ellis) gets fired and sent to Earth to reconnect with humanity. The catch? He’s trapped in the body of a chubby house cat.

In Exploding Kittens which netflix new releases, God, now known as Godcat, moves in with a dysfunctional family to aid in his rehabilitation. His mission? To solve their problems. But instead, he ends up chasing laser pointers and getting easily distracted by pigeons in the yard.

Adding to the chaos, Godcat’s next-door neighbor is none other than the Antichrist, or Devilcat, voiced by Sasheer Zamata. The two arch-nemeses engage in the ultimate battle of good versus evil, though Devilcat is often found napping on laptops, while Godcat is perpetually sidetracked.

Exploding Kittens Premieres July 2024 on Netflix

Based on the best-selling card game, this animated comedy series is brought to life by showrunners Shane Kosakowski and Matthew Inman (the game’s creator). The series boasts an impressive team of executive producers, including Mike Judge, Greg Daniels, and Dustin Davis of Bandera Entertainment; Peter Chernin and Jenno Topping for the Chernin Entertainment Group; and creators Elan Lee and Matthew Inman (The Oatmeal).

Get ready for hilarity and feline mischief when Exploding Kittens premieres in July 2024 coming to Netflix.

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