Bridgerton Fan Wedding: Get to Know the Charming Pair

Bridgerton Fan Wedding: Gentle reader, the whispers are true: two fortunate fans will have the wedding of their dreams, modeled like Bridgerton.

The good news was made public in February 2024 in advance of the third season of the Regency romance, which debuts on May 16. Attendees at the soiree included author Julia Quinn, executive producer Shonda Rhimes, Season 3 showrunner Jess Brownell, and cast members, who included this season’s romantic protagonists, Luke Newton and Nicola Coughlan. The lucky couple is Tiffany and Shanti, a Brooklyn, New York couple that embodies the friends-to-lovers plot from Season 3. We can finally tell who they are.

Bridgerton Fan Wedding
Source: Screenshot taken from Bridgerton: Season 2 / Scene – Wedding/NETFLIX

Tiffany says Tudum, “It feels great for everyone to know and to see us as a true love match.” “[After] everything that we’ve been through as a couple, we’re still here, going strong, and rooting for each other,” her spouse Shanti, concurred. We don’t take things for granted and we help one another out.

The Bridgerton Wedding Collection, a joint venture between Netflix, Shondaland, costume designer Lyn Paolo for the Bridgerton universe, and bridalwear brand Allure Bridals, marked the start of Bridgerton’s journey down the aisle. You can now experience Tiffany and Shanti’s Bridgerton fantasy together. For an exclusive look at all the delicious details of the wedding of the season, keep reading.

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Bridgerton Fan Wedding

What is the fan wedding for Bridgerton?

With two fans in the center of the spotlight, the dreamy romance of Bridgerton is becoming a reality in the Event of the Season: A Bridgerton Wedding. Adjoa Andoh and Golda Rosheuvel, who play Lady Danbury and Queen Charlotte, respectively, said during the drama’s Valentine’s Day celebration that the show will award one superfan pair with a wedding fit for the Bridgerton dynasty. The wedding coordinator is Alice Wilkes, a London-based authority on Regency-style weddings.

In their wedding preparation with Wilkes, the couple asked for a Bridgerton-style ceremony with “a modern New York flair.”

Since fans of the Bridger-verse can follow every stage of the wedding process right here on, the event will help honor the ongoing relationship between the Bridger-verse and its devoted fanbase. You shouldn’t miss this ball, just as Lady Whistledown wouldn’t.

At the Bridgerton fan wedding, who is being married?

Self-described “superfans” of Bridgerton The lucky pair are 27-year-old Tiffany and 28-year-old Shanti. After becoming acquaintances in high school, the New Yorkers’ friendship developed into love. They now share a Brooklyn apartment after ten years of dating. The couple is associated with the love story of Luke Newton’s Penelope Featherington and Nicola Coughlan’s Colin Bridgerton.

Bridgerton Fan Wedding
Source: Screenshot taken from Bridgerton: Season 2 / Scene – Wedding/NETFLIX

“Neither Tiff nor I were really looking for someone,” the speaker said. We were truly just living in our own little bubbles, exploring life and coming to terms with who we are,” Shanti says to Tudum. “As friends, we were having those difficult talks. That strengthened our bond with one other. That’s why we were like, “Wait a minute, this person actually seems like my kind.” Although Tiffany’s (she/her pronouns) and Shanti’s (they/them pronouns) love story began with high school dances, it has developed in a way reminiscent of Bridgerton. In June 2023, the couple dazzled their fellow guests at the Queen’s Ball Experience by showcasing their romance and fandom. Their gorgeous appearances are seen in the video up top.

Like wallflower Penelope is about to do in Bridgerton Season 3, Tiffany and Shanti agree that their relationship has helped them both “step out of the shadows” after more than ten years of dating. Tiffany and Shanti have been inspired by their partnership to fully explore and express their queer identities. That story alone is reason to raise a glass.

What more can I anticipate from the fan wedding for Bridgerton?

Similar to the plot twists of Bridgerton Season 3, there will soon be additional details about the Bridgerton fan wedding made public, including an intimate peek into Tiffany and Shanti’s journey leading up to their big day. You’re welcome to observe each stage of the process, from dressing in opulent fashion to getting ready for the ballroom. So return often to Tudum to watch these two lovers as they embark on a passionate journey toward saying “I do.”

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