Netflix New Releases This Week : May 20th – May 26th, 2024

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Toughest Forces on Earth

“Toughest Forces on Earth” is an exciting new documentary series on Netflix that takes you inside the world’s most secretive and elite military units. If you love action, adventure, and real-life military stories, this series is perfect for you. Premiering on May 22nd, it features eight episodes that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Netflix New Releases This Week
Source: Screenshot taken from Toughest Forces on Earth| Official Trailer | Netflix

Why Watch “Toughest Forces on Earth”?

Meet the Heroes

The series follows three veterans: a US Army Ranger, a British Special Forces operator, and a US Navy SEAL. These brave men leave their familiar training grounds to join elite forces from around the world. You’ll see them train with units from Jordan, Colombia, Sweden, and more.

Unique Training and Combat Styles

In each episode, the veterans train with a different elite unit. You’ll get to see the unique training methods and combat styles of forces like the Jordanian Special Forces and the Colombian Jungla Commandos. This show gives you an inside look at how these warriors prepare for the toughest missions.

What to Expect from the Documentary

High-Octane Action

Get ready for some serious action! Whether it’s enduring the scorching heat of the Jordanian desert or navigating the dense Colombian jungle, this series is full of intense, real-life military training. Each episode is packed with high-energy moments that will keep you glued to the screen.

Raw and Real

Unlike typical military documentaries, “Toughest Forces on Earth” offers a raw and unfiltered look at the grueling training these forces go through. You’ll see the physical and mental challenges they face, making it a truly immersive experience.


Buying London

Attention reality TV fans with a taste for high-end properties! Netflix is about to unveil a new series that will satisfy your cravings for luxury real estate drama. Get ready for “Buying London,” premiering soon, and step into the lavish world of London’s high-end property market.

Netflix New Releases This Week
Source: Screenshot taken from Buying London| Official Trailer | Netflix

Think “Selling Sunset” with a distinctly British twist. “Buying London” follows a charismatic group of realtors as they navigate the competitive world of multi-million-pound estate sales in London’s most affluent neighborhoods. These agents juggle high-stakes deals with their personal lives, creating a captivating mix of professional ambition and personal drama.

Netflix New Releases This Week
Source: Screenshot taken from Buying London| Official Trailer | Netflix

Why Watch “Buying London”?

High-Stakes Real Estate Drama

Just like its American counterparts, “Buying London” promises to be a thrilling rollercoaster ride. Watch as agents compete for exclusive listings, strategize multi-million-dollar deals, and manage the often-complicated demands of their ultra-wealthy clients. The show will dazzle you with stunning properties that feature breathtaking views and extravagant amenities.

Beyond Real Estate

“Buying London” isn’t just about high-priced listings. The series dives deeper, exploring the personal lives and aspirations of these real estate stars. Will their drive and ambition come at a cost to their personal relationships? The show promises to unravel the complex web of personal dynamics within the team, adding another layer of intrigue to the fast-paced world of luxury real estate.

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Garouden: The Way of the Lone Wolf

Attention anime enthusiasts craving high-octane action! Get ready for the thrilling arrival of “Garouden: The Way of the Lone Wolf,” an adrenaline-fueled martial arts series premiering exclusively on Netflix on May 23rd.

Netflix New Releases This Week
Source: Screenshot taken from Garouden| Official Trailer | Netflix
Meet Juzo Fujimaki: The Lone Wolf

The series introduces us to Juzo Fujimaki, a highly skilled fighter with a shadowy past. With a hefty bounty on his head and a relentless detective on his trail, Juzo is thrust into a brutal underground fighting tournament. In this fierce arena, survival depends on sheer strength and unyielding determination.

Master of Takemiya-ryu Martial Arts

Juzo is no ordinary street brawler. He is a master of the revered Takemiya-ryu martial art, a fighting style known for its explosive kicks and powerful punches. The recently released trailer teases the intense battles Juzo will face, featuring clashes that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Beyond the Battles: Emotional Depth

“Garouden: The Way of the Lone Wolf” isn’t just about bone-crushing fights. The series delves into Juzo’s emotional struggles, revealing a troubled past that continues to haunt him. As Juzo navigates the dangerous world of the tournament, he must confront not only his formidable opponents but also his inner demons.

Why Watch “Garouden: The Way of the Lone Wolf”?

High-Stakes Action

If you’re a fan of martial arts and intense fight scenes, this series is a must-watch. The action sequences are meticulously choreographed, promising adrenaline-pumping excitement with every episode.

Compelling Storyline

The series offers more than just spectacular fights. It provides a gripping narrative that explores themes of redemption, survival, and personal growth. Juzo’s journey is as much about overcoming his past as it is about winning the tournament.

Emotional Resonance

“Garouden: The Way of the Lone Wolf” balances action with deep emotional storytelling. It gives viewers a look into Juzo’s inner conflicts and the personal battles he faces beyond the physical fights.

Source: Garouden| Official Trailer | Netflix

Tune In :

Will Juzo emerge victorious from this high-stakes competition? Can he escape his past and find redemption? Tune in to “Garouden: The Way of the Lone Wolf” on Netflix on May 23rd to find out! Prepare yourself for an unforgettable journey filled with martial arts prowess, personal struggles, and battles that will leave you breathless.

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Illusions for Sale: The Rise and Fall of Generation Zoe

Get ready for a documentary unlike any other. Netflix is bringing you “Illusions for Sale: The Rise and Fall of Generation Zoe,” a captivating story that blends finance, spirituality, and one highly controversial figure. This eye-opening series delves into the intriguing world of Generation Zoe, a financial platform that emerged in Latin America after the pandemic, and its enigmatic founder, Leonardo Cositorto.

Netflix New Releases This Week
Source: Screenshot taken from Illusions for Sale| Official Trailer | Netflix
The Bizarre World of Generation Zoe

“Illusions for Sale” takes you deep into the heart of Generation Zoe, a platform that promised a unique blend of education, financial guidance, and spiritual development. Rapidly gaining a large following, Generation Zoe seemed to offer hope and prosperity to its members. But beneath the surface, all was not as it appeared.

The Enigmatic Leonardo Cositorto

At the center of this story is Leonardo Cositorto, Generation Zoe’s charismatic founder. The documentary explores whether Cositorto was a visionary leader or a cunning conman. By peeling back the layers of his personality, “Illusions for Sale” reveals how his eccentricities and charisma became inseparably linked to the platform’s identity.

More Than a Financial Scandal

This documentary isn’t just about financial misconduct. It delves into the desperation and uncertainty that people felt in the wake of the pandemic. “Illusions for Sale” examines how Generation Zoe capitalized on these emotions, offering the illusion of a brighter future that ultimately crumbled.

Why Watch “Illusions for Sale”?

Eye-Opening Insights :

“Illusions for Sale” provides a fascinating look into the dynamics of finance, faith, and fraud. It’s a compelling narrative that reveals how easily people can be swayed by charismatic leaders, especially in times of crisis.

Thought-Provoking Themes :

This documentary explores deeper themes such as the vulnerability of individuals in desperate times, the allure of quick financial gain, and the manipulation of spiritual and emotional needs.

Engaging Storytelling :

With its blend of personal stories, investigative journalism, and expert analysis, “Illusions for Sale” promises to be both engaging and informative. It will keep you hooked as it uncovers the rise and fall of a financial empire built on illusion.

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In Good Hands 2

Netflix New Releases This Week
Source: Screenshot taken from In Good Hands 2| Official Trailer | Netflix

Get ready for a heartwarming story about family, loss, and the power of second chances. “In Good Hands 2,” arriving on Netflix on May 23rd, is set to tug at your heartstrings and leave you feeling hopeful. This touching sequel continues the emotional journey of a father and son as they navigate life after a devastating loss.

Why Watch “In Good Hands 2”?

Emotional Depth

“In Good Hands 2” promises to be a touching exploration of grief and healing. The film delves deep into the emotional struggles of its characters, providing a raw and honest portrayal of loss and recovery.

Heartwarming Story

Despite its heavy themes, the film offers hope and warmth. It is a story of resilience and the enduring power of love, making it a heartwarming watch that will leave you feeling uplifted.

Relatable Characters

The father and son duo in “In Good Hands 2” are relatable and well-developed characters. Their journey through grief and healing will resonate with many viewers, making the film a compelling and engaging watch.

Watch the official trailer for “In Good Hands 2,” a Turkish web film starring Melisa Pamuk, Ezgi \enler, Mert Ege Ak, and Kaan Urgancıoğlu. This Ketche-directed sequel is sure to enthrall viewers with its gripping narrative and outstanding performances. Watch the promo video for “In Good Hands 2” to find out more. Visit OTT JUNKIE to see the most recent Turkish trailers, popular web movie previews, and videos featuring Kaan Urgancıoğlu, Mert Ege Ak, Melisa Pamuk, and Ezgi \enler.

Netflix New Releases This Week
Source: Screenshot taken from In Good Hands 2| Official Trailer | Netflix

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Netflix New Releases This Week : May 20th - May 26th, 2024

Franco Escamilla: Ladies’ man

Calling all comedy fans! Get ready for a side-splitting night in with Franco Escamilla’s brand new Netflix special, “Ladies’ Man.” This hilarious show promises to tickle your funny bone with tales of teenage romance that went hilariously wrong.

Netflix New Releases This Week
Source: Screenshot taken from Franco Escamilla| Official Trailer | Netflix

The Comedic Genius of Franco Escamilla :

Franco Escamilla takes center stage, ready to regale you with stories from his younger days. Known for his sharp wit and impeccable comedic timing, Escamilla dives into the awkward and often painful moments of teenage love. From those super-long, slobbery first kisses to encounters with rockstars that take a completely unexpected turn, he brings his unique perspective to every hilarious tale.

Franco Escamilla: Ladies’ Man- Why to Watch

Get ready to laugh hysterically at Franco Escamilla’s newest stand-up special, “Franco Escamilla: Ladies’ Man.” Taking center stage, the self-described ladies’ man recounts amusing anecdotes of his embarrassing adolescent years, including foolish attempts at impressing girls and unsuccessful romantic relationships.

Here, Escamilla’s distinct brand of comedy is clearly evident. He blends realistic observations about awkward teenage moments and the challenges of puberty with self-deprecating humor. Anticipate stories about awkward meetings with rock stars, terribly prolonged first kisses, and embarrassing crushes—yep, you read it right—that will make you laugh and cringe.

However, “Ladies’ Man” is more than simply a cheap joke. There’s a hint of yearning for a bygone era beneath the surface. The universal experiences of teenage crushes, heartbreak, and the pursuit of self-discovery are brought to light by Escamilla’s stories.

Conclusion :


Hold onto your hats, sci-fi fans! Get ready for an epic showdown between humanity and artificial intelligence in Netflix’s upcoming action-adventure film, “Atlas.” Premiering on May 24th, 2024, this movie promises to be a thrilling summer spectacle packed with high-octane action and a thought-provoking premise.

Netflix New Releases This Week
Source: Screenshot taken from Atlas | Official Trailer | Netflix
The Premise: A Fight for Survival :

The future isn’t looking bright. An AI soldier, programmed to maintain peace at all costs, has reached a chilling conclusion – the only way to eliminate war forever is to eliminate humanity itself.

Meet Atlas Shepherd :

Enter Atlas Shepherd, played by the ever-powerful Jennifer Lopez. A brilliant data analyst with a deep-seated distrust of AI, Atlas finds herself thrust into the center of this conflict. She joins a mission to capture a rogue robot with whom she shares a mysterious past. But when things go sideways, Atlas is forced to make a tough decision: can she trust this AI to save humanity from its own creation?

Netflix New Releases This Week
Source: Screenshot taken from Atlas | Official Trailer | Netflix

Why Watch “Atlas”?

Epic Sci-Fi Action :

“Atlas” looks to be Netflix’s answer to films like Amazon’s “The Tomorrow War.” These big-budget sci-fi flicks boast impressive special effects and star-studded casts, offering a thrilling escape into fantastical worlds. The intense action sequences and special effects promise an edge-of-your-seat experience.

Jennifer Lopez as the Lead :

The presence of Jennifer Lopez adds significant star power. Known for her dynamic performances, Lopez is set to bring a compelling mix of strength and vulnerability to her role as Atlas Shepherd.

Timely Themes :

While the core concept of a rogue AI might sound familiar, “Atlas” explores timely themes about the ever-evolving relationship between humans and artificial intelligence. This adds a layer of depth to the film, making it more than just an action-packed adventure.

The sci-fi thriller “Atlas,” which is set in a bleak future, will take you on a hair-raising ride. Within the enormous walls of Atlas, the self-contained space station that is humanity’s final hope for survival, people struggle to survive. As Anya, a talented engineer entrusted with determining the cause of a severe failure endangering the station’s existence, Alexandra Daddario assumes the position.

With the help of Kai, Ashton Sanders’s ingenious mechanic, Anya explores the deep interior of the station. As they investigate further, they learn of a plot that has the potential to destroy Atlas’ precarious peace and order.

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Mulligan : PART- 2

Netflix has announced its May 2024 lineup, featuring a surprise return of the adult animated sitcom Mulligan. The show is back with its second part, a year after the first episodes were released.

In this satirical comedy, after aliens destroy much of Earth, can a few survivors able to reconstruct what’s left of America and create a better union?

Netflix New Releases This Week
Source: Screenshot taken from Mulligan 2- | Official Trailer | Netflix

Tina Fey and Robert Carlock created the animated series Mulligan, first announced in March 2020. Netflix ordered 20 episodes, splitting them into two parts.

The series follows Earth after an alien attack, with survivors trying to avoid past mistakes. Despite its intriguing premise, Mulligan’s initial release in May 2023 didn’t make Netflix’s global top 10. It only ranked in individual TV top 10s in Iceland, Jamaica, Kenya, and Latvia.

Reviews were lukewarm, with the show holding a 4.9 out of 10 on IMDb. Angie Han from The Hollywood Reporter called the series “a misfire,” noting that it felt unoriginal compared to other shows.

Despite the mixed reception, Mulligan returns with a second batch of 10 episodes, all set to be released on May 24, 2024.

Mulligan 2- Why to Watch

Prepare yourself for more humor (and existential terror) in the barren wasteland that is Mulligan: Part 2. President Mulligan and his motley crew of survivors must deal with the frightening and humorous realities of reconstructing civilization on a destroyed alien planet in this adult animated comedy, which continues where Part 1 left off.

Netflix New Releases This Week
Source: Screenshot taken from Mulligan 2- | Official Trailer | Netflix

Imagine a world without proper movies (which are now essentially elaborate plays), plumbing, or even good food. President Mulligan’s battles to steer this dysfunctional group are taking place against this backdrop. Not all of it is post-apocalyptic blues, though. The show reminds us of humanity’s resiliency even in the face of absurdity by deftly fusing dark humor with sincere moments of connection.

Returning to voice in the second batch of episodes include:

  • Nat Faxon as Matty Mulligan
  • Sam Richardson as Simon Prioleau
  • Dana Carvey as Senator Cartwright LaMarr
  • Chrissy Teigen as Lucy Suwan
  • Phil LaMarr as Axatrax
  • Tina Fey as Dr. Farrah Braun
  • Daniel Radcliffe as King Jeremy
Netflix New Releases This Week
Source: Screenshot taken from Mulligan 2- | Official Trailer | Netflix

My Oni Girl

Attention all anime enthusiasts! Get ready for an extraordinary journey into a realm of magic and self-discovery with “My Oni Girl,” a captivating new film set to debut on Netflix this May. Join Hiiragi Yatsuse, a high school student grappling with fitting in, on an adventure that will touch your heart.

Netflix New Releases This Week
Source: Screenshot taken from My Oni Girl | Official Trailer | Netflix
Unexpected Encounters :

When Hiiragi’s routine summer day takes an unexpected twist, he meets Tsumugi, a spirited oni girl from another world. Tsumugi’s quest to find her mother leads to an unlikely friendship with Hiiragi, who finds himself drawn into her extraordinary adventure.

Themes Explored :

But “My Oni Girl” is more than just a fantasy flick. It dives deep into the importance of embracing one’s true self. Through the fusion of mythical elements and real-world struggles, the film tackles the consequences of hiding our true emotions. Will Hiiragi and Tsumugi learn to be true to themselves?

Stunning Visuals, Emotional Depth :

Save the Date :

Don’t miss the debut of “My Oni Girl” on Netflix this May. Brace yourself for a magical journey filled with enchanting encounters, meaningful lessons, and the power of friendship.

Netflix New Releases This Week
Source: Screenshot taken from My Oni Girl | Official Trailer | Netflix

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