Netflix New Releases this Weekend (May 24th – May 26th, 2024)

Fans of Netflix, unite! check out the newest additions to your queue with our guide to Netflix new releases This weekend, May 24-27. Dive into brand-new programming, including hilarious comedies and gripping dramas. Go ahead and stream. #OTTJUNKIE #NetflixNews #WeekendMotivations

Netflix New Releases this Weekend- May 24


In this satirical comedy, after aliens destroy much of Earth, can a few survivors able to reconstruct what’s left of America and create a better union?

Genre: Post-apocalyptic satire, adult animated comedy

Director: Robert Carlock and Sam Means, the creators of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,

Starcast: (maybe returning cast from Part 1; exact names to be confirmed)

Mood: Touchingly human, absurd, and hilarious

Mulligan 2- Why to Watch

Prepare yourself for more humor (and existential terror) in the barren wasteland that is Mulligan: Part 2. President Mulligan and his motley crew of survivors must deal with the frightening and humorous realities of reconstructing civilization on a destroyed alien planet in this adult animated comedy, which continues where Part 1 left off.

Imagine a world without proper movies (which are now essentially elaborate plays), plumbing, or even good food. President Mulligan’s battles to steer this dysfunctional group are taking place against this backdrop. Not all of it is post-apocalyptic blues, though. The show reminds us of humanity’s resiliency even in the face of absurdity by deftly fusing dark humor with sincere moments of connection.

Netflix New Releases this Weekend
Source: Tudum.Com


Genre: Sci-Fi Thriller

Director: Duncan Jones (Moon, Source Code).

Cast (voices): Benedict Cumberbatch, Ashton Sanders, and Alexandra Daddario

Mood: Suspenseful, claustrophobic, and mentally relaxing

Atlas- Why to Watch

The sci-fi thriller “Atlas,” which is set in a bleak future, will take you on a hair-raising ride. Within the enormous walls of Atlas, the self-contained space station that is humanity’s final hope for survival, people struggle to survive. As Anya, a talented engineer entrusted with determining the cause of a severe failure endangering the station’s existence, Alexandra Daddario assumes the position.

With the help of Kai, Ashton Sanders’s ingenious mechanic, Anya explores the deep interior of the station. As they investigate further, they learn of a plot that has the potential to destroy Atlas’ precarious peace and order.

Netflix New Releases this Weekend
Source: Tudum.Com


Genre: Adventure, Action, Animation

Creators: DreamWorks Animation Television produced.

Starcast: (Probably the returning actors from Cretaceous Camp), Paul-Mikél Reif, played by Darius Bowman, Brooklynnn Jenna Ortega Gould, Ryan (Kenji Kon), Giambrone Sean (Bex), Samantha Gutierrez

Mood: Exhilarating, Fond, and Reflective

Jurrasic World (Chaos Theory): Why to Watch

Following the events of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, the exciting new adventure “Jurassic World: Chaos Theory” transports us back in time. The cherished “Camp Cretaceous” gang—Darius, Brooklynn, Kenji, Bex, and Sammy—returns in this animated series to help us navigate a future in which dinosaurs are no longer restricted to theme parks.

The show examines the difficulties and fallout from coexisting with these amazing yet deadly animals. In addition to the perils posed by dinosaurs, our young heroes must contend with the avarice and mistreatment of people who attempt to enslave or subdue them.

There’s more to “Chaos Theory” than exciting encounters with dinosaurs. It also explores the characters’ emotional journeys as they make new connections in a world that has altered and deal with the trauma of their prior experiences. Through the eyes of its youthful characters, the series offers a new perspective while capturing the wonder and excitement of the Jurassic World franchise.

Netflix New Releases this Weekend
Source- Screenshot taken from Jurassic World: Chaos Theory | Official Trailer | Netflix

Netflix New Releases This weekend- May 25


Genre: Stand-up Comedy, Coming-of-Age

Director: (Presumably) Franco Escamilla himself (based on similar stand-up specials)

Starcast: Franco Escamilla (as himself)

Mood: Hilarious, Self-deprecating, Nostalgic

Franco Escamilla: Ladies’ Man- Why to Watch

Get ready to laugh hysterically at Franco Escamilla’s newest stand-up special, “Franco Escamilla: Ladies’ Man.” Taking center stage, the self-described ladies’ man recounts amusing anecdotes of his embarrassing adolescent years, including foolish attempts at impressing girls and unsuccessful romantic relationships.

Here, Escamilla’s distinct brand of comedy is clearly evident. He blends realistic observations about awkward teenage moments and the challenges of puberty with self-deprecating humor. Anticipate stories about awkward meetings with rock stars, terribly prolonged first kisses, and embarrassing crushes—yep, you read it right—that will make you laugh and cringe.

However, “Ladies’ Man” is more than simply a cheap joke. There’s a hint of yearning for a bygone era beneath the surface. The universal experiences of teenage crushes, heartbreak, and the pursuit of self-discovery are brought to light by Escamilla’s stories.

Netflix New Releases this Weekend
Source: Screenshot taken from Franco Escamilla: Ladies’ man | Official Trailer | Netflix

On our Twitter account, OTT Junkie announces Netflix New Releases this Weekend (May 24-26):

Netflix New Releases this Weekend

Netflix New Releases This Weekend- May 26


Genre: Reality TV, Cooking Competition

Host: Michelle Buteau (Actress, Comedian)


  • Melissa Cookston (World-Class BBQ Competitor)
  • Kevin Bludso (World-Class BBQ Competitor)

Mood: Smoky, Competitive, Inspiring

Barbecue Showdown (Season 2)- Why to Watch

Get excited for Barbecue Showdown’s second season! Eight of the best pitmasters in the country get together for this fiery competition series to compete in a smoke-, flavor-, and barbecue-making contest. Each episode, which is hosted by the insatiably enthusiastic Michelle Buteau, presents a different culinary challenge. Rivals compete in inventive tasks that put their mastery of the grill and inventiveness with traditional barbeque methods to the test.

Netflix New Releases This Weekend
Source: screenshot taken from Barbecue Showdown: Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix


Genre: Action/War

Director: Peter Thorwarth

Starcast: Julius Weckauf (Heinrich), Alicia von Rittberg (Elsa), Sebastian Blomberg (Major Dorf)

Mood: Gritty, Gripping, Suspenseful

Blood and Gold- Why to Watch

In the last stages of the war, “Blood & Gold” transports you to Germany in the center of World War II. The narrative centers on Heinrich, a disillusioned German soldier who, in an attempt to locate his daughter who has vanished, flees from the army. After making his getaway, he finds himself in a secluded village where he meets the brave young woman Elsa. Their meeting turns into a pivotal moment. Elsa divulges a startling secret as Nazi forces, under the merciless command of Major Dorf, storm the village: the locals are concealing a stash of Jewish wealth. Heinrich and Elsa are now forced to engage in a last-ditch struggle for their lives.

Netflix New Releases This Weekend
Source: Screenshot taken from Blood & Gold | Official Trailer | Netflix


Genre: Comedy / Sex Comedy

Director: Dan Mazer

Starcast: Robert De Niro (Dick Kelly), Zac Efron (Jason Kelly), Aubrey Plaza (Lenore), Zoey Deutch (Meredith), Julianne Hough (Vanessa)

Mood: Raunchy, Hilarious, Awkward (in a good way)

Dirty Grandpa- Why to Watch

A crazy adventure awaits you with “Dirty Grandpa.” This ridiculous comedy centers on stiff-upper-jawed lawyer Jason, who is about to get married, as he reluctantly takes his recently widowed grandfather, Dick, to Florida for spring vacation. However, Dick, a former lieutenant colonel in the Army who enjoys partying and the better things in life, has other ideas. He pulls the stiff Jason along for the excursion as he plans to relive his carefree youth. A sequence of amusing escapades follow when Dick and Jason’s rigid personalities collide due to Dick’s wild behavior and unrelenting pursuit of pleasure. Anticipate uncomfortable interactions, vulgar humor, and a ton of embarrassing—yet hilarious—moments.

Netflix New Releases this Weekend
Source: Screenshot taken from Dirty Grandpa Official Trailer by Rotten Tomatoes

The PORTRAIT (2023)

Genre: Psychological Horror, Mystery

Director: Simon Ross

Starcast: Natalia Cordova-Buckley (Lina Reyes), Morgana Robinson (Greta), Danny Ramirez (Ash), Louise Brealey (Detective Ruiz)

Mood: Suspenseful, Haunting, Atmospheric

The Portrait (2023)- Why to Watch

The slow-burning, eerie “The Portrait” will make you doubt reality. Grieving widow Lina Reyes receives an enigmatic portrait that remarkably resembles her late husband. Initially, the picture seems to provide a peculiar solace, a means of reestablishing contact with her past love. But when Lina looks at the portrait more and more, strange things start to happen. The painting appears to come to life, and Lina starts having weird happenings in her house. Is something darker at work here, or is sadness playing tricks with her mind?

Netflix New Releases this Weekend
Source: Screenshot taken from THE PORTRAIT Official Trailer by The Rapid Trailer


Genre: Comedy, Drama

Director: Lisa Aschan

Starcast: Katia Winter (Hanna), Jesper Zuschlag (Morten), Nour El-Refai (Carro)

Mood: Funny, Poignant, Raw

The Year I Started Masturbating- Why to Watch

Swedish comedy-drama “The Year I Started Masturbating” examines female sexuality and midlife crisis in a way that is surprisingly honest. Hanna is a determined professional who is driven to have another kid. When her boyfriend dumps her and she loses her job, she feels as though everything is falling apart. Abruptly, she is forced to confront the unpleasant reality of being unmarried in her late 30s and starts to doubt her life decisions.

Netflix New Releases this Weekend
Source: Screenshot taken from The year I started masturbating by Gimme A Break


Genre: Horror/Mystery

Director: Rubin Stein

Starcast: Jaime Lorente (Adolfo), Natalia Mateo (Lola), Ivana Urdaneta (Tin), Nadia de Santiago (Tina)

Mood: Ominous, Suspenseful, Psychologically Disturbing

Tin and Tina- Why to Watch

The Spanish horror movie “Tin & Tina” will chill you to the bone. The plot, which is set in Spain in the 1980s, centers on a young couple named Lola and Adolfo as they adopt Tin and Tina, two orphaned twins.

The twins have an unsettlingly literal reading of the Bible since they were nurtured in a rigorous religious household. The once-harmonious household is quickly disrupted by their intense religion and strange behavior. As the family experiences odd happenings, Lola and Adolfo start to worry that something evil is at work.

Netflix New Releases this weekend
Source: Screenshot taken from Tin & Tina – Trailer (Official) | Netflix

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